Aupa! Bilbao

Pinxto poppin on a handstand!  If you have been sleeping on Páis Vasco, please drop what you doing, get on blablacar and find yourself a quick ticket to Bilbao and go get yo life.  Here are my 3 favorite things that will have you heading directamente to Pais Vasco.

  1.  Pinxtos. pronounced piencho.  I’ve already explained how geek I get when these little morsels of deliciousness are around.  The pinxto scene in Bilbao is fierce.  From swanky to divy  almost every bar offers up gourmet style small bites for consumption with your beverage of choice.
  2. Casco Viejo.  Its old and beautiful.  Walk around and get dizzy or tipsy in its winding streets.
  3. Tinderonis.  Not sure where you are swiping at the moment, but the basque city is very active on this dating app.  If you’re feeling adventerous or frisky swipe right and meet up with a local get a free tour or whatever else no judgement here.

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