Conquering Dry Hair

Is your hair dry?

Have you tried EVERYTHING, but still to no avail your hair remains DRY?  Well…..get used to it.  The simple fact is that our hair is naturally dry.  The coiliness of our tresses prevent our natural oils (sebum) produced at the scalp to coat strands.  So what to do…what to do?  MOISTURIZE!!!  Add moisture whenever you feel your hair is dry.  Yes.  This means checking your hair once to twice a day.  Mother nature has provided the ultimate moisturizer…H2O.  That’s right water does an amazing job at keeping our hair moisturized.  I mist my hair with a mix of water/aloe vera juice and gel/ essential oils whenever my hair is dry.  To seal in the moisture, I add shea butter, can my own personal heavy oil mix which includes two super ingredients: Castor and Grapeseed oils.  I ALWAYS spray my hair before twisting it up for bed.  AND I always tie my hair down with a satin scarf.  Protective styles, where your fragile ends are tucked away and protected, are a must.  Don’t let dry hair get you down and prevent you from maintaining length.   Get to know your hair and how frequently it needs moisture.  You are the first defense against dry hair.


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