Post Cut: Shaved Side

I’ve been thinking bout you.. you know know know.  Shaved Sides!!  For the past 2 years i’ve been playing with the idea of either cutting my hair into short shape, or shaving my sides.  Doing nothing, while still longingly researching the idea of doing it, I had no real plans, or balls to make the small big chop.  Until Thursday evening.  I had washed my hair and was checking my ends and I still was suffering the effects of harsh combing and dryness on my right side despite my monthly trims.  I watched a few videos and got inspired by the beautiful styles of  and and the urge to do it became very strong.  So, I printed a CVS coupon and headed there for the clippers.  Luckily I made it there 10 mins before closing.   As I anxiously drove home, I could feel my adrenaline rushing through my body as the reality of what I was doing was becoming more clear.  Fear tried to creep in as I parted my section, but I had already spent hard cash and I knew I was not gonna waste my money.  And with a  matter of fact attitude, I cut the shit out of my hair.  As my braided clump fell to the floor, it felt dead, but  I felt energy pulsating from out the side of my head.  A shedding of the old to make room for the new me.  I love this look and it fits my personality to the T.   Stay tuned as I learn to care for my new cut and try a plethora of styles ; )

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