Something you don’t know about the traveler…

1.  We get depressed too.  Hard to believe, right?  How could someone be depressed when everything is so new and different and you’re traveling meeting new people, and seeing new things?  Well that shit becomes normal, and you’re still YOU, so… any baggage or hangups you may have, you’ve packed them neatly along with favorite Old Navy jeans, them Aldo boots and whatever seasonings you couldnt part with from the states.

2.  Living the expat life is not easy.  Most expats are trying to Rick Ross this motha, boss up and trying ideas and innovative ways to entrepreneur their way to a life they want to have.   We’ve given up economic security and the right to work,  to start our own businesses, using our expat community to inspire and uplift each other while finding our place in the fabric of our chosen homes.


3.   We fail.  I’ve come up short on my personal goals.  I’ve dropped the ball in some of my personal relationships and  I’ve done it all while still finding some moments to appreciate this beautiful country I’m in.  Take a picture of said moments and up load them to my IG.

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