6 Years Natural, A Perspective From A Veteran

After 6 years of being natural I think its safe to say that I am a veteran.  I’ve been through the battles of dry hair, breakage, splits, and the never ending product crusades.  I survived, but what do I have to show for it?  About 8 inches of naturally 4B/ 4C hair.  Just what HAVE I been doing all these years?  Ignoring my tresses.  Ignorantly believing my hair was healthy.  Compromising my hair’s health for color.  And the worst crime against Hairmanity, letting my curls get thirsty dry!  Now I am armed with the wisdom that comes with getting to know your hair.  I’ve studied my hair and eliminated any hair product that is not made with the natural ingredients.  Here is my new tried and true natural hair care list to live by

1.  You Better Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self!  Monitor the health of your ends.  This is where hair “BREAKS”

2.  Damn She Thirsty!  Your hair IS Thirsty…For WATER!  Moisturize when your hair is dry, this can be daily or every other day, but ON THE REGULAR

3.  Seal and Chill.   After you moisturize, seal with an oil/cream based sealant (i.e. Shea, coconut oil, olive oil)

4.  Hammer Dont Hurt Em!  Dont rip that comb through your hair, take your time.  If you really feeling Bossy, try finger combing.

5.  Have Respect for Hairmanity!  Dont do anything you wouldnt do to a cashmere sweater. (ie. adding heavy weave to a tiny section of hair.  Constantly pulling, tugging, or wearing accessories in the same spot)

6.  Just Put It In the Bag!  Try using a non elastic sating bag when you sleep.  Moisturize and seal hair then put on a plastic cap for a few hours.  This will do wonders for your moisture levels.

7.  Keep it on the down LOW…LOW MAINTENANCE!  Try styles that keep your hands out of your hair for a few days.

8.  Live Your Life!  Dont worry about your length just your hair’s health!

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