How to Survive Christmas Abroad


All you want for Christmas is for everyone to shut the f**K up? Are you dreaming of a year without this soul sucking magnifying glass on your life, showing just how far you are away from home? How broke you are to be here? And how little family you have now that you are thousands of miles away from your least annoying cousin? Oh wait…that’s just me (just kidding cuzos…you know I love ya’ll!) I am not a fan of Christmas. Not simply because I’m away from everyone I love, but because I find the holiday commercial and magnifies just how much I am sacrificing to live abroad. So this is what I am doing this year to unfreeze my frozen heart and bring some ho don’t fuck with me cheer to the world.

1. TRAVEL far and wide. Nothing like experiencing the culture of Christmas in another country. Through your unbiased eyes you will be a witness to that country on its best behavior when every one is cold and in good spirits. It will surely put you in a good spirit too.

2. Spend Christmas with someone else’s family. Nothing like popping in for one day and one day only to see the ‘good’ and wholesome traditions of a family that you are in no way tied to. As you stuff Christmas goodies down your throat, take advantage of watching all the Christmas cheer…and shade.

3. Give back and volunteer! Under the desire to buy this cheaply made item, or that, more expensive, cheaply made item, is the true meaning of Christmas. Being thankful for what you have, and sharing what you have with others. When I get caught up in my own first world problems, I try to remember that there are people walking across Europe in the freezing cold. People in my own city of Chicago in below 0 temperatures, sleeping outside. My ability to even take a vacation or write this blog without persecution speaks to the many gifts I have already received this year. If you can share your gifts with someone else. Give back. Even if its a couple coins in a cup, a little can go a long way.

3. YOU are all the Christmas gifts you’ll ever need. Seriously, you are the most special gift you can give yourself. Take time this season to take care of yourself, love yourself and those around you.

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